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As websites have potentially huge audiences of people all around the world, we aim to appeal to as many as possible by applying proven techniques. Namely, 'less is more'. Keeping sites simple and minimal, by being direct and to the point with concise excerpts of relevant information, will harness user engagement by feeding them facts they are likely to need or want, when they view your site. Plain language, albeit polite, will convey the desired information better than unnecessary anecdotes and stories of yore.

As many sites are industry specific, Frown designs sites with the intended target audience in mind, tailoring to user expectation and providing more immersive content that they expect, rather than random off topic place fillers.

Visuals, naming conventions and site structure can all be refined to prioritise the 'need to know' information for easy and quick access.


Existing sites likely have an established corporate brand applied already [if you don't, then get in touch with Frown to address that], the Frown designer will be happy to take that foundation and gracefully refine and evolve it to better fit the current online trends, improving its reception with users online when released.


Frown likes to consider those website users out there with colour blindness, to ensure they're able to clearly see the content and information on a site by using contrast effectively. Steps are taken to check colour palettes are usable - even if they aren't as the majority of users perceive them.


Related to branding and style, typeface / font choice is important for consistency and legibility. Frown like to limit use of 'fancy' fonts where possible, due to the performance implications, however the appearance is a high priority when considering the brand power.


While Frown can create and provide designs from a client specified brief, supplied designs from clients are also welcomed, as Frown can easily convert and transpose an external design into a build for a client. Frown is happy to work with any suppliers and contractors [with client authorisation of course].