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Notice: Currently unavailable for new projects. Remote support still available for selected local clients.




Frown is due to be replaced soon with a new business name. Branding is currently underway...

Product Design

Future plans include the design and development of devices. More information will be release at the appropriate time.


Core business for most of my career - corporate and business-2-business websites, with the occasional personal or consumer one for variety.

Choo Choo Dog Leads
Client - Under development

Every dog should have a little luxury & sparkle! - Hand made dog leads and collars, with custom options available. Complemented by accessories for your canine companion.

WordPress, WooCommerce, CSS, HTML, PHP, SVG, JS, SEO

Hartley Bespoke Hartley Bespoke

Hartley Bespoke - Allowing you to be involved in all design aspects of your custom instrument giving more choice than most 'Custom Shop' offerings from the usual suspects.

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Pete Marsh Art Pete Marsh Art

Pete Marsh is an artist specializing in painting and printmaking. Producing figurative and landscape artwork, he is based at FaMAS gallery in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

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Phil Hartley Guitar Repairs Phil Hartley Guitar Repairs

Guitar Setup – High quality guitar repair and setup services to shops, professional musicians and the public, in Bolton, Greater Manchester, by Phil Hartley Guitar Repairs.

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Unyte Capital Unyte Capital

Web / Graphic design & Coding for Unyte group - Unyte Capital / Unyte Energy / Unyte Health / Unyte Hemp / Unyte Invest / Unyte Medical / Unyte Waste

Wordpress, Theme, CSS, HTML, PHP, JS, SVG, SEO, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google, Twitter, YouTube

Charity Fleet Management Charity Fleet Management

Charity Fleet Management logo creation, custom WordPress theme

Wordpress, Theme, CSS, HTML, PHP, JS, SVG, SEO, Illustrator, Photoshop

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