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Notice: Currently unavailable for new projects. Remote support still available for selected local clients.


Web Design & Development, Bolton, Greater Manchester

Web design, front end development and additional supporting services, focusing on UX and UI for increased engagement by your site visitors.

Is your business or company looking for:

Responsive Web Design?
Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly sites
Website branding or rebrand?
An update to a new look with a stylish theme re-skinning
Code clean up?
Semantically structured and optimized code for better performance, usability, accessibility and maintainability
Improved aesthetic imagery?
Icons, artwork, graphics, photos and pictures, rasterized or vector, in higher quality

Catering for new builds, as well as offering services to update, modernize, amend, fix, debug, revamp, re-design, optimize or expand existing websites, with an implementation of foundation SEO, Frown endeavours to raise the profile of your website using tried and trusted methods.

Applying updates to convert fixed size websites to fluid and responsive ones, enables a better experience for mobile and tablet use.

So, if your business site is looking dated, inconvenient on touch devices and in need of a rejuvenation, then why not get in touch and enquire about a consultation, to discuss reaping the benefits of upgrading your business's website.

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