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Privacy Policy

There is currently no tracking, analytics or watcher scripts that record your usage, or write any captured data to your device during your current session or for later use upon your return by this site.

Third party services used, such as Twitter, may do so should you visit the links from the Twitter feed. Please see their respective website Privacy Policy, Cookie and GDPR pages for terms of use.

Terms & Conditions

Coming soon!


This site runs a service worker to provide an informative offline page, should you attempt to revisit the site with no active internet connection. This page is a cached version of a static source page, as seen here: offline.html, so you can view contact information such as email and telephone numbers without an internet service.

This page may be periodically updated with relevant support information and contact methods for your convenience.

For any other information, requests, complaints and enquiries, you can contact Frown for assistance.